DEYEMOND Knit Beanie

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Our DEYEMOND LOGO is a representation of overcoming hard times. A diamond starts off as coal and through the daily pressure, it eventually becomes the diamond. We as humans go under a lot of pressure and for us to become that diamond we must overcome those hard times.

3-inch folding cuff

One size fits most

100% Acrylic

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Dope Hat

You wanna know how special this hat is to me? I bought it a few months ago at the Van Mall, and upon getting home I realized that it was missing from the bag (your paper bags do not hold up well in rain, big surprise). So, I drove 30 minutes back to the parking lot and I searched for an eternity until I finally saw it laying on the cement, soaking wet! The bright ass color made it much easier to spot. Anyhow, now I have a wonderful hat and a silly little story to share about it. Your products are kickass, especially if they can still look brand new after all of this! Thanks ;)



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