Fred Reid's Logging

Fred Reid's Logging

Fred Reid was born into a family of 6 in 1918. He lived through the worst of times during the Great Depression. When he was a young man he hopped a train looking for work to survive. He would take whatever work he could, to keep from starving. He did hard labor and many times would even chop wood just for a meal. Eventually he was lucky enough to get a job building roads. This gave him a start running equipment on various construction jobs. He spent many years doing this and saving all the money he could. Over time he would go on to accumulate 100’s of acres of land here in the northwest and learned the value of planting and harvesting the mighty fir. For the greater part of his life he ran his own logging company named just Fred Reid’s Logging. When he passed Fred was personally worth over a million dollars and left hundreds of acres of timber land and an amazing family as his legacy. Fred Reid’s life is an amazing story of struggle and hard work to success, a perfect example of Earning Your Excellence!


by Bob Kendall

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